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About Me

Hi, I'm Tom.

As you've probably seen from my site so far, I do art. Now I could give you a history of my artistic career but its dull, boring and in truth, embarrassingly short. So to brush over that...

With my varying artwork I try to combine my somewhat eclectic tastes. From a painting style that would be better suited to the 1920's, to the traditional qualities of my drawing techniques, to a rapid digression back into my childhood, damn you Lego. I've come to the point where I can't make it fit into a coherent body of work. So be damned, I'll do what I like and hope that others like it too.

If you are interested in anything I do, or a looking for something not on my site at this time then give me a shout

My other sites include:

Bristol Portrait Company

Celebrity Cake Design

Sit On Your Face

I'm also a partner in Endesigns. A design company (the clue was in the name), where we make some pretty cool shit.

Regarding everything on this website. I produce all my work myself, even my prints are done in house, literally.