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My photographs are captured using a 2x anamorphic lens. This gives the widescreen aspect ratio similar to that of cinema.


As I stood on the black sand shores of Playa del Janubio in southern Lanzarote, the windswept landscape felt like something from of a far away planet. In front of me is the scene I have setup with my LEGO spaceship, and it’s accompanying retro astronauts. Its colourful bricks are a stark contrast against the monochrome and otherworldly backdrop of it’s surrounding.

Getting to this point was not easy. Flying from England to the Canary Islands did not help the model’s structural integrity and I had already built it once at my hotel. However it also took an 8-mile trek from the hotel and across the rugged volcanic landscape to get to this point. Every step brought me closer to this perfect location for my photo, but every step also did it’s best to break the model all over again. Undeterred and after finding an abandoned building with a wonderful picnic table, I painstakingly rebuilt it, piece by piece, all over again.

The weather in the Canaries can change quickly and as I looked up, I noticed the sky darkening, heavy with storm clouds that had come and gone through the day.. Instead of dampening my spirits, the impending storm only added to the atmosphere of the location. The contrast between the grey sky and the black sand enhanced the monochrome setting, making the vibrant colours of the LEGO bricks pop even more vividly in any resulting photograph.

With the LEGO spaceship now restored and the dramatic backdrop set, I framed the shot and clicked the shutter. For myself in that moment, I captured more than just a scene on a beach. I immortalised the spirit of adventure, resilience, and creativity that drove me to this location. And in the resulting photograph, I see not just a spaceship, but a testament to the power of the story behind the image.


I print each photograph is printed personally, as a giclée photography print on 315 gsm 100% cotton rag acid free fine art paper.

Prints are available on both A3 or A2 paper, and both sizes are available in cropped and uncropped variations.

I've limited each paper size to only 10 editions.

For cropped versions, the paper is cut to image size and will include a 3mm white border on all edges.

For uncropped versions, the paper will be left full size for easier framing if desired. This will mean a large white space above and below the photograph. There will be a 3mm white border to the left and the right.

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